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Benefits of Upvc Conservatories

A conservatory is becoming the latest must have addition to modern households. If you want to improve your home and increase its resale value by several thousand pounds then a UPVC conservatory is an ideal way to do it. Your home is most likely the biggest investment you will ever make, so you don't only want to look after it, you probably want to improve it where you can.

When you add a UPVC conservatory you are giving yourself extra indoor space and possibly another bedroom or living area if you should ever need it. The UPVC conservatories of today are nothing like the flimsy lean to of yesteryear and the benefits of Upvc conservatories make them a worthwile addition to your home.

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What are the benefits of Upvc conservatories / conservatories ?

When you have a conservatory you can enjoy the benefits of your garden no matter what the weather is like. Conservatories can bring extra light into your home and will make you view the patio and garden as simply a further extension of your home.

UPVC is a material that is renowned for its durability and insulation properties. UPVC is weather proof, storm proof and low maintenance, unlike wood it will not swell and warp in the damp and wet weather. UPVC is an ideal choice for conservatories because of its insulating properties, the cold and drafts remain outside and the warmth stays inside, which makes a UPVC conservatory an energy efficient addition to your home. Nowadays UPVC conservatories are fitted with an advanced locking system that will give you a higher level of security.

Just one word of caution here, before you decide to have a conservatory added onto your home you will need to find out whether you need planning permission. More often than not you will need permission, unlike a garden shed you are adding to the main structure of your home when you add a conservatory. You will get the information as to what type of building permit is required from your local council and the size and materials of your conservatory will define what type of permit you will need.

Flexibility of Use

The beauty of having a UPVC conservatory installed in your home is that it is a flexible space. Some people choose to use their conservatory as an extension of their living room or as a playroom for the children. For those people who need to work from home a conservatory can provide a very pleasant office space. And even a guest room. One of the problems for families who may be outgrowing their home are now finding it much harder to move into a larger property as a result of the credit crunch and lending restrictions by the banks. Under these circumstances, even those with only a little money to spare might want to look at having a UPVC conservatory added to their home to give them some extra living space.

If you need an extra bedroom at some point in the future and this means you lose your dining room, then you can turn your conservatory into an elegant dining room. A space heater will provide any extra warmth you might need and blinds or curtains will preserve your privacy when you sit down to your evening meal.

Cost Savings

A UPVC conservatory will earn you money as it will add value to your property and because UPVC is an energy efficient material you will save money on your heating bills. You won't be burning energy that is going out through the cracks and under the door when you invest in a UPVC conservatory. A major reason for purchasing a UPVC conservatory rather than one made from some other material, is that it will last longer and will usually come with a ten year guarantee. UPVC conservatories are much cheaper to produce than those made from other types of materials, which means it will cost less but still add value to your home.

If you are on a tight budget then a do it yourself conservatory will cost you a lot less than having one professionally installed. UPVC conservatories start at a few thousand pounds and the cost rises depending on the style and any extra features that you may have. You will soon recoup your outlay in the cost savings outlined above.


Modern UPVC conservatories are the most popular choice for today's home owner who is interested in improving and adding value to their property. The minimalist style of a UPVC conservatory fits with today's aesthetic preferences and gives any home a sense of understated style. There is a wide variety of shapes and styles so you are sure to find the kind of UPVC conservatory that will fit well with your home. Gabled, Victorian and Edwardian style conservatories are designed to blend in with the general style of the more traditional home. In homes where there are height restrictions, bungalows for example, there are Mediterranean and specially designed UPVC extensions that will fit the bill and add value to a home.


When compared with some types of conservatories, a UPVC conservatory requires very little maintenance. You will find that your new conservatory is far easier to clean than other types of conservatories and the outside will not rust, warp or corrode like other materials. You can clean your conservatory with just soap and water and it will retain its good looks.

Your UPVC conservatory will give you many years of service, most installation companies give a ten year guarantee with their products, but your conservatory could go on for a lot longer than that. UPVC is not a victim to the weather as are many other materials, it is good at weathering the elements and if you install blinds at the windows it can help to extend the life of your conservatory.

There are many benefits to having a UPVC conservatory installed on your property and if you can afford to do it now is probably a good time.