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Upvc Conservatories

If you need some extra room and you want to add value to your home, then one of the contemporary ways of doing this is by the addition of a UPVC conservatory. In case you weren't sure about UPVC it is actually unplasticised poly vinyl chloride, which has many uses.

Although you have probably seen plenty of UPVC windows and doors you may not have realised that it is exactly the same kind of material that is used in pipes and guttering and also in UPVC conservatories.

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Your most common asked questions about upvc conservatories and standard conservatories

UPVC is actually an ideal material for conservatories because it is strong, durable and weather and storm proof, it also requires little or no maintenance. One of the great things, particularly if you have a UPVC double glazed conservatory, is its insulating properties. When you have a UPVC conservatory you will find than unlike some conservatories it is not drafty, UPVC has fantastic insulating properties, which means that your conservatory will be warm in winter and cool in summer.

UPVC keeps the outside air outside and the expensive heating and air conditioning inside. UPVC is extremely energy efficient and will save you a considerable amount of money on your energy bills. Whatever use you have for your conservatory, you know that it will be comfortable in both winter and summer.

UPVC Conservatories Add Value to Your Home

When you have a UPVC conservatory installed you can be sure that with most installation companies you will be given a ten year guarantee. UPVC is great for conservatories because unlike other materials, especially wooden doors and frames, UPVC conservatories are not affected by the weather. A major problem with most traditional wooden frames and doors is that they are badly affected by damp and condensation, which leads to a swelling and warping of frames and doors. With UPVC you can rest assured that there will be no warping or shrinking of your doors and window frames. UPVC is low maintenance and will just need wiping over now and again and windows cleaned in the normal way.

Choice of Styles and Colours

Conservatories work best when they are designed to fit in with the general style of your home. If you have an Edwardian or Victorian home then you can have a Victorian or Edwardian style conservatory to fit with that style. If on the other hand you have a modern semi then you will be able to choose something more modern in the way of conservatories.

Gable style conservatories were extremely popular in late Victorian times and they remain so today. People like the shape of gabled conservatories and it has become a style classic that can be made to fit in with most home styles. If you prefer a more rounded style of conservatory with bow shaped windows, this type of conservatory works well with smaller modern properties. Some people prefer to have squared off conservatories that look more like part of the original building, but that have more windows than an ordinary room and doors that open straight onto the patio or garden. Many people have a conservatory installed at their property so that they can relax and enjoy the garden all the year round and not just in summer.

One of the things that people complain about when it comes to UPVC is that it is only available in white. It certainly used to be the case that if you wanted UPVC windows and doors or a UPVC conservatory, your only colour choice was plain white. Nowadays you can have a UPVC conservatory in a range of colours and a range of wood finishes such as wood grain, oak and cherry wood. If you want extra privacy in your UPVC conservatory then you can have bevelled windows or you can have frosted glass at the sides, you could also install blinds if you wanted to use your conservatory in the evening.

Using Your Conservatory

Most people have a conservatory so that they can enjoy their gardens all the year round and also because it will add considerable value to their home if they want to sell it at a later date. With an increasing number of people living in smaller homes with no separate dining room, having a conservatory built to fulfil the need for that extra room is a good idea. You can make quite a pleasant dining room in a conservatory and it should be reasonably comfortable. The insulating properties of UPVC mean that you shouldn't hear too much of the noise from other people's gardens, more to the point, you should be warm and comfortable in a dining room with no drafts.

More people find that as they themselves get older, they also have to deal with ageing relatives, if you need to have an older relative living with you but are stuck for a spare bedroom, then why not use your conservatory. Many old people feel the cold more keenly than the rest of us, even when there are no drafts, the problem can easily be solved with a good space heater. A space heater can be moved from place to place and does not have to be a factor in the construction of your conservatory.

More people now choose to have a conservatory as an extension of their home. UPVC conservatories come in a range of shapes, sizes and styles; they can give you needed extra space and they always add value to your home. You may be determined that you won't be selling your home and moving on, but it you did change your mind, a conservatory could make a several thousand pound difference to the asking price